The inner workings of fEMA. You could be blocked.
What you need to know  before your application gets shelved.

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Pearl River Co. Mississippi is Ground Zero for possibly the largest breach of Equal Rights in FEMA's history. Did some community members in a local community  get away with murder? One neighbor threatened "they" would get rid of him one way or another. He's dead. Conspiracy and falsifying federal forms was confirmed.  after the constituent was granted a complete federal appeal, the disaster victim was ruled in 2007,  to be attached to  the poorest application for disaster assistance with FEMA in the entire state of Mississippi during Hurricane Katrina. He was a caretaker for two terminal family members and had no income. The state ignored the federal appeal. Former Gov. Haley Barbour and the head of his division of FEMA issues an executive order for USDHS / FEMA to arrest and prosecute the disaster victim/constituent on the charge of income tax evasion. USDHS came to do just that. It didn't happen. Haley Barbour now knows his division of FEMA lied to him. He remains silent. No attorney's in the Mississippi state bar would go up against a state entity.  Were they alerted by the governor? Every attorney contacted refused to help. Besides, Haley Barbour had went on TV saying there were no violations in his state, related to FEMA. In fact, there was one. "All heads were not counted" as was reported. It came to life within the first week of the storm making landfall in 2005. The state couldn't have any violations as they were already trying to divert hundreds of millions of CDBG funds to the Port of Gulfport. While reporting in the media that the death toll in Mississippi was 228 victims who perished in the storm, the real count was 230. the disaster victim and his end stage Alzheimer's stricken mother were never counted. The MSFEMA cover up continues.

Small communities generally employ their own in local, state and federal government entities. FEMA claims they train their agents NOT to get involved in community problems. One agent was married into the main family that decided to display hate and block all disaster services to a neighbor they chose not to like.  It likens itself to a pack of wild dogs attacking the weakest of the weak. Whatever the reason, they did it and managed to infiltrate several government entities to get away with it. The outragous thing about their actions and allegations, nothing  proved to be true. They lied. The community managed to involve the tax office to gain access to a constituent's personal information, They took that information and used it when calling the FEMA disaster fraud hotline to file their complaints, in the days, weeks and months following Hurricane Katrina's landfall in 2005. The plan was in place on September 4th 2005. FEMA was fully vested,  on the ground and in charge as the breach was unfolding. Photo Credit:

23 years of displaying hate, the community had a golden opportunity to launch one final attack. They used  the federal government to do it. This attack would ultimately cost a life. The Tax Office, Courthouse, Sheriff's Dept., FEMA, MEMA, the list goes on to include private entity's like AT&T and local utilities. It was ruled that every entity that touched the case was in fact potentially guilty.

There's a handful of money families that allegedly control the county. The locals had tried occupying sections of the property and managed to get water and electric services provided to a mobile home they put on one of the lots. A mistake they claimed, when a land surveyor served them official notice to vacate the property within 30 days. Pearl River County Sheriff's Dept. protected them as long as they could. One or more family members were employed by the sheriff's dept.

You have other community members that were employed in several local government entities. They had to have access to property owners  personal identifying information through the local tax office and courthouse. Combined with those who were employed with the sheriff's dept. they had it pretty much covered. Board of Alderman's had at least one member who was thought to be related. The volunteer fire dept., E911 had a employee who wasn't related but served as a dispatcher to the community for information she received through taking emergency calls. She talked a lot. 

AT&T had employees that were connected to the people in the neighborhood and chose to become a part of the retaliation. Everyone that chose to be a part had to either lie, or become a part of the many conspiracy's that were uncovered during the massive investigation they had launched at the federal level through FEMA and USDHS. They all made telephone calls to the FEMA fraud line to make false allegations. Those recorded phone calls did block all services. None of the phone calls proved to be true. "I can't see the houses for all of the phone calls." said the investigator. He implied that the people had made repeated phone calls and that the complaints were all nearly identical in substance and content.. #Conspiracy. 

Learn about the "tricks of the trade" FEMA in Mississippi has used in the past when blocking disaster related services to residents. If you feel you are a victim of discrimination, report it to USDHS.

                                                               How MSFEMA works:

If you choose to help your neighbors in crisis by offering to let them fill out their own disaster application from a computer at your damaged address, three or more completed applications from one IP address could get your own application blocked. #FEMA  Focus on your own recovery.

Community members can ban together and use FEMA to display hate against another person. Remember that all calls to the FEMA fraud hotline are recorded for your protection. People have made false allegations in an effort to block services to someone in the neighborhood. It works. Your services will be blocked and it is up to you to clear your own name. Until you take the entity to court, those who made the false allegations go unpunished.

Keep a 'log'of events and every piece of paper and envelopes you receive from FEMA. The log should contain dates, times, names of personnel that step on your damaged property. Describe what action was taken and what was said.

In at least one case, one official document was found to have your "right to appeal" disclosure printed in white ink on the back side of a rejection letter. By law, they have to include this information so you are informed of your rights. By law, there was no mention as to what color of ink had to be used. It's legal. They roll the dice in hoping no one sees it. Many victims don't.

Mississippi will tell you up front, get what you can from FEMA in the beginning. Once the state takes control and signs the contract with the feds, they can make their own laws and change the rules. Those laws can't violate federal law but again,  it is up to the victim to prove it. 

MSFEMA can use a simple method of denying your services just by "losing" your folder on a shelf somewhere. This is legal also. 

At the end of your recovery process, you are entitled to receive an official free copy of your complete case file. It includes everything that happened concerning your disaster assistance application. You must request it in writing from FEMA. You can call Washington DC FEMA for more information on how to request this all important case file. Compare it to your own log if events. MSFEMA claims that they can remove and replace names whenever they want for whatever reason they want when there are no open violations against them. #coverup  Any way you view it, it's falsified federal documents and is against the law. The Mississippi State Bar is reluctant to litigate against a MS state entity.

Delays, hoops and loopholes are common methods used in the past to wear a disaster victim down. Many give up the fight as a result. Employees are pros at this. There's 180 day clause that can apply  to most state programs. If they can delay contact with you then the rules can be subject to change. Neither the state of the federal government have an obligation to tell you that your equal rights are being violated. You have to figure it out, act and report it. Recorded phone calls and written correspondence with FEMA can be your only evidence. If one thing is changed in the FEMA case file and you have proof that it doesn't match your log of events,  the whole case file can be considered falsified. It is high priority for the state  to suppress complaints against any state entity, at any cost. An example of a name change is taking a potential witnesses names and replacing it in the case file with the name of another employee from the local area who can testify on the entity's behalf.

Your neighborhood may not approve of your lifestyle and can use it against you. Your local disaster recovery office is your "ground zero" when dealing with your application. They have in the past, staffed these offices by members from your community. In one case, the office was staffed by some of the same people/family members that didn't approve of a persons lifestyle choices. Remember that if this happens to you, the main FEMA says it doesn't discriminate. Local agents know this and will find an acceptable reason to use of the official report agianst you. #incometaxevasion #dualresidence #fraud. 
13 FEMA agents took an oath to serve. They were asked to secure an applicant to an application by an undercover officer. All 13 refused. It happened. They all violated their oath. They remain free because the disaster victim could not retain counsel in the state and file suit.

Phone calls to FEMA are most likely redirected to a local state entity. These calls are included in your case file. They contain information about the conversation and resolution offered. They also reflect the mood of the victim. #upset #angry #etc Be sure to remain polite and remember everything that is said.

It was fraud, plain and simple, and to date, they've gotten away with it. 

It's time to bring those involved to justice. 13 FEMA agents took an oath to protect and serve citizens of this country. 

ALL 13 violated their oath.

At least 470 million in CDBG housing funds was defrauded from FEMA and diverted to The Port of Gulfport. All heads were not counted when the Governor and his FEMA department head entered into a contract with FEMA stating in fact that "all heads were counted".

Read about the victim they had to let die just to get at the money. They also let his Alzheimer's stricken mother die too, with no services ever rendered by FEMA.

USDHS said he appeared to be in perfect health when he was awarded a full appeal in 2007. 
That appeal included health insurance coverage. The appeal was ignored by the state. He was refused to be included on his own claim for disaster assistance within the first 10 days of Hurricane Katrina making landfall on the Mississippi Gulf Coast 08/29/2005. The state could not provide any emergency services as requested because in doing so, would have been an admission of guilt and the CDBG funds would have been frozen. You understand where this is leading. It can happen in any state and it could happen to a member of your family. Be advised.

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End stage Alzheimer's victim REFUSED emergency hospice by Mississippi FEMA. Please share.